GiCh Ace Venture of Perfect Cat MCO n


GECh Eiectric Light Silvi-Cola*PL of Perfect Cat MCO ns Ich N*Arctic Coon’s Red Hot Chili Pepper MCO d 22 Ich Maine Coon Dinasty’s Yukon MCO n 22
Ch N’Arctic Coon’s Patzy MCO g
Ich FIN*Escape’s Hermione MCO ns ECH Koontucky King Arthur of Escape’s MCO n 22
Ech Avicats Astraea Escape’s DM MCO ns
GICh Babette Top Coon’PL of Perfect Cat MCO f 22 GICh Asterion Cat Cabaret*PL JW CO d 22 GICh James Bend  Kiapouch*PL MCO n 22
ICh Maxi Alwaro*PL MCO f22
GICh Wiktoria Alwaro*PL MCO f 22 Ech DK*Sebasco’s Daker Devito CO d 22
Ech K*Star Winner Aiwaro*PL MCO n 22 09
I.CH. Serano Camilla


EU.CH.Russicats Murmurcat Clyde MCO ds 03 23 GIC(WCF), GC(CFA) Bon Jovi Top Coon*PL MCO n 22 GICh Asterion Cat Cabaret*PL JW MCO d 22
Ich Wiktoria Alwaro*PL MCO f 22
CH Lucky Coon Santa Lovely Kitty  MCO fs 23 03 WCh Britches Seminole Chef MCO d 23 03
GICh Magic Tale Lucky Silver Girl MCO ns 23
Gr.I.CH. Virginia Medium Color*PL

MCO f 22 09

IC Consul Medium Color*PL

n 22 09

Langstreinch’s CC Jucon MCO a 09 22
Ch Africa Princess Top Coon*PL MCO n
IC Anastasie Red Animal’s Road*PL f 22 09 Ch Battle Creek’s Firewall MCO d 22
Ich Romantica Kashumir Blue*PL MCO