Родословна Apollopride Hillary

Gr. INT. CH.

Alliance Edgard


GICh Alliance Aray GICh Ace Venture Of Perfect Cat GeCh Electric Light Silvi Cola of Perfect Cat
GICH Babette Top Coon
Ch Alpina Apogeya Langstteich’s K’Cepetto
Langstteich’s Maurizia
GICh Serano Camilla ECH Russicats Murmurcat Clyde GICH Bon Jovi Top Coon
Lucky Coon Santa Lovely Kitty
Ch Verginia Medium Color Ich Consul Medium Color
Ich Anastasie Red Medium Color
INT. CH. Mirandolina Of Vingliot



SC Darjeeling of Vingliot Ch Tabble Dancer of Blacr Youcon Cats Halloween Of Black Youcon Cats
Kissy of Koi Pond
IC I’m Hope Beyrouth IC Beyrouth Cat Cabaret
Paradise Island’s Sweet Dream
GIC Flauto Solo of Vingliot IC Armani Of Baidar Treasure Islands Ernesto Che’Guevara
Treasure Islands Dancing Mathilda
CH Cherry Blossom of Vingliot Ic Energy Of Rainbow Valley
Galaxy Beyrouth